Wednesday, August 31, 2011

In the Beginning.....

As will become quite obvious very quickly, I am new to the blogging scene!  My initial reason for starting  this blog was to document my progress in the search for my artistic ability.  I began painting shortly after a severe car accident.  I needed to move my arms and build endurance.  I could not stand the exercises, so I looked for more creative means of physical therapy.  I began painting as it forced me to hold a paint brush, move the brush in small and controlled movements and I had to hold my arms up for extended periods of time.  Needless to say, I found the 'therapy' very rewarding and therefore stuck with it with excellent results.  Somewhere along the way, I developed a love for the arts and now can't get enough of all types of art.

During this process, I realized that I was surrounded by so many amazing people that are awesome each in their own right.  So, I have decided to expand the blog to showcase some of my awesome friends, charities, and inspirational writings.

Oh, to explain the blog title...Sawdust and Halos.  The title honors someone who was very special to me a long time ago.  Sawdust is for the hard working men and women who surround me and make my life better.  I am honored to highlight a few of them on this blog.  Halos are for those who have gone before but left something behind that has touched me in some way.   They will be honored either through my paintings or inspirational thoughts.

So Sawdust and Halos is about my exploration of how to be a better person by honoring those who are important to me .... present and past.

Hope you enjoy!

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